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FQ Assessment Time Table

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Assessment Pattern

Students are assessed on:
Scholastic Achievements (Class I - V) 5-point Grading Scale
Scholastic Achievements (Class VI - IX) 8-point Grading Scale
Scholastic Achievements (Class X) 9-point Grading Scale
Co-Scholastic Areas (Class I - VIII) 3-point Grading Scale
Co-Scholastic Areas (Class IX - X) 5-point Grading Scale

In view of the latest guidelines issued by the CBSE board the following shall be considered as the remodeled assessment pattern for Classes I – X:
Assessment Syllabus Written Internal
Periodic Tests 25% 40 marks (April to July) 10 marks (April – July)
Half Yearly 50% 80 marks (April to Sept) 20 marks (April - Sept)
Periodic Tests 75% 80 marks (April to Jan) 20 marks (Oct – Jan)
Final Assessment 100% 80 marks (April to March) 20 marks (Feb & March)

TLS_First Quarterly_TT