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Orientation for New Parents

Niraj Darji
It was a nice and interactive session which gave us an insight about the school. It was an opportunity for the parents to know more about the school. very well organised event.

Pravin Jadhav
Very good activities planned. I'm sure my child will enjoy and be happy at Lexicon.
It's great to attend the wonderful parent orientation. Came to know many aspects of teaching which will help us as parents.

Ranjit Desai 
A good programme. Nicely presented by all the teachers.

Suryaji Nale
Very Good and Informative Session. Feeling proud to have my son at Lexicon.

Priyanka Sable
Very Good Session for first timers to understand what the child will be learning at school.

Abdullah Kazi 
Feeling good and satisfied after attending this orientation meeting. Happy to have my child studying at Lexicon.
Very interactive and different from our previous school. You demonstrated well what you are going to do in the coming year.

Mr. Narendra
Very Interesting Session. Good suggestions given by the Addl. Director Ma'am.

C2B Presentation by Class V ( A,B,C,D)

Sham Birde.
Great job. Improves students confidence. Thank You.

Santosh Kandpal.
Today's programme was fabulous! Thanks to respected teachers and Principal for their hard work.

Singh Yogeshwar.
It's super and unbelievable to see my child so confident and comfortable while performing in front of so many people.
Thanks to Lexicon school Hadapsar.

Shaikh Nayum.
This  school is the best one for education and other activities for my child alwaysπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

C2B Presentation by Class LKG

Parents of Ansh Mane LKG A.
Well done! A Good Programme and a good team work.

Parents of Shriyan Kadam LKG A.
The C2B was very nice, Children were awesome, in their performance.

Father of Samiksha Inamke LKG A
Great work done within a week, thanks to the whole team to make this event possible.

Parents of Mohd. Shakir LKG A.
Excellent, All children have done very well, Thank you Lexicon for giving this Opportunity.

Mother of Samiksha Inamke LKG A.
Wonderful efforts from teachers and students, Glad to have my child in this school.

Parents of Shreya and Shaurya Rana LKG A.
It was a wonderful event, glad to see all children having no stage fear at this age.

Parents of Nishant Dural LKG A
Wonderful efforts by teacher.

Parents of Tibyan Shaikh LKG B.
The programme was superb well planned and provided good experience to children.

Parents of Saai LKG B
Well managed programme , Excellent performance carried out by students and guided by staff.

Parents of Vikramaditya LKG B.
Very well organised and well planned programmed enjoyed a lot.

Parents of Omkar Gurav. LKG B
Grand and lovely event! loved it a lot!

Grandfather of Aarav Daivadnya LKG C.

Congratulations and hats off for the splended performance by the kids.

Parents of  Shreyansh Nair LKG C.
Appricate the efforts taken by the teachers and other staff.

Parents of Aum Khadilkar LKG C.
Full of energy innocence and a joyful event, Thank You !.

Parents of Aarcha Padmakumar LKG C.
Teachers have taken a lot of efforts to bring the children on this stage. Performance was Awesome, Thank You.

Parents of Aarav Landge LKG C.
Well organised event, good participation of student looking forward to have more such activities.

Parents of Aarav Daivadnya LKG C.
Realy nice programme arranged by Lexicon, it will help our children to grow.

Parents of Tanishq Ghagare LKG C
Great Performance and Great work done by Teachers and Students.

Parents of Advait Navale LKG C.

A Great Show ! ThenkYou Teachers for all your training.

C2B Presentation by Class I

Parents of Nishanth (I A)
Very well organized children performed good. Thanks for whole staff and school for encouraging students and making them explore well.

Parents of Akshit Kamble (I B)
A big thank you to all teachers, supporting staff. Well planned, well executed. Very good team work.
Thanks again.
             Manish Kamble.

Parents of Shravan Palav ( I A)
My Child is improving a lot because of your guidance.

Parents of Arsh Gulbarga ( I B)
Fantastic ...
Excellent ...
Wonderful ..
Good ...

Parents of Mahendra (I B)
Thanks very much for playing a major role for real transformation of each and every child.
Thanks to all Teachers.

Parents of Gargi Bhosale ( IA )
C2B is good platform for students to show their caliber. Very happy with the organization.
All the Best for future caterpillars.

Parents of Anwesha Mondal ( I A )
Excellent C2B Session, Thanks to all parents and teachers and principal ma'am and students who perform well.

Parents of Aryan Jadhav ( I A )
It was a good event for children and parents. Thanks for taking such motivating events.

Parents of Nihira Kulkarni. ( I A )
Today's programme was really very good. I can see some good confidence in my child. Thanks

Parents of Arnav Kakade ( I C )
This was a very energetic and cheerful performance, perfectly managed by the teachers and performed by all students.

Parents of Shawra Ghadge ( I A )
Thanks for giving such platform to students . Very nice.

Parents of Radha Pandit. ( I C )
The programme was organized very nicely, We are very proud of our school.

Parents of Ajinkya Pathak ( I A )
It was very nice programme and our child performed confidently, Thank you for such opportunities.

Parents of Shourya Misal ( I A )
It was a well arranged programme. Thanks for giving opportunity to all student to participate and explore their talent. Thank you.

Parents of Swara Kulkarni ( I A )
The event was very well organized and our child enjoyed it to the core, it has done wonders to her confidence.  Keep the good work going .
All the best.

Parents of Devank Deshmukh ( I C )
It was very nice and very creative of Lexicon School and particularly the hard work of the teachers . It is outstanding

C2B Programme Class II

Parent of Shreeharsh Pingle ( II D)
Todays performance is very well, all the students performed confidently and energetically, they have shown confidence on the stage. Thank you.

Parent of Sannvi Dangi ( II D)
Good efforts of all teachers and all the students, I am proud to be part of this school. Thank you.

Parent of Shreela Kulkarni ( II D )
Outstanding efforts by teachers and their co's to develop my child in respect of not only study but other part of life.

Parent of Suchitra V ( II D )

It was an Excellent Show appreciate the efforts of teachers and students.

Parent of Tanisha Nagrale ( II D )

Lexicon School staff is very good, Teaching also good, and today program was Awesome.

Parent of Rajdeep Ingale ( II D )
Very good school. Very confident teachers. Thank You.

Parent of Zishan Shaikh ( II D )

Thanks a ton.. for taking care of our kids, excellent performance.

Parent of Arnav ( II D )
C2B Presentation was awesome hats off to teachers and students for their work.

Parent of Dhruv Bhonde ( II E )

It was a good experience to see my child growing in your school.

Parent of Vedanth Naik ( II E )
This was a very good organized program with proffessional touch. very well, good work by teachers. Thanks for all your efforts.

Parent of Nived Sajin ( II E )
Good performance by the students and great efforts by the teachers. Glat to see our kids performing excelling and developing their personality.

Parent of Rudra Ghadge ( II A )

Performance of very enthusiastic and motivational for the students and get nice platform to all of them. wishing you very good luck to all of them.

Parent of Satvk Sastry ( II D )
I was a very good experience and proud moment to see. All students participating in activities and getting rewarded.

C2B Programme Class III

Parents of Kalpesh Yadav ( III B)
Excellent programme with well manage dances. Good to see valuable inputs regarding diets given through cultural programme.

Parents of Vishwajeet ( III C)
Very good programme really motivated the students to learn, thanks for organising such event.

Parent of Muskan Sinha ( III C )
The Programme was really good, I love my child's performance as well as others.

Parent of Samarjeet ( III C)
Thanks for introducing the ISA Activity and also making our children ready to complete in world.

Sachin Kedekar Parent of Kshitij (III C )
Nice Show by students and lot of efforts have been put in by teachers and students, keep it up.. Team Lexicon.

Parents of Shreyash (III F )
It was really great that all the hard work turned out to be so fruitful keep it up.

Parent of Ashima Zade ( III E )

Very entertaining and interesting. We as parents also learn from our children. It boosts their morale.

Parent of Jidnyasa (III E )
This is really fantastic program and very essential for health. Children can propogate same in family, friends and relative. Thank you very much.

Parents of Aaditya (III )
The Program was very good. Given opportunity to all children. Coordination was very good. Teacher should be appreciated for all the hard work done.

Parent of  Aaryan Padmakumar (III F)

Program was good. Great efforts are taken by the teachers to build the courage of children. Thank You.

Parent of Dilraj Singh ( III F )
I am glad to see the performance done by children. a great effort done by teachers.

Parent of Gayatri Nalawade ( III F )
Nice to be a part of this event. The topic selected are very important for the students development keep it up.

Parent of Anushka Nikam ( III D )

Innovative, useful and really encouraging for the kids. Thank you.

Parent of Sharwin ( III D )

Very well arranged and a great confidence booster for the children.

Parent of Janhavi Gadekar ( III D )
We as a parents appreciate the efforts taken and the approach towards bringing right information at right time and enrichment of student knowledge. Thank you.

Parent of Kanishka Save ( III D )

It is very educational and motivating program for the kids and parents both. I congrats Teachers, Management and Principal for their cooperation and supervisor.

Parent of Siddhi Singh ( III D )
Very good and full of knowledge all the credit goes to teachers. students were so obedient.

Parent of Kasturi ( III A )
It was Awesome as usual. I am very happy and satisfied with my child's performance. Thank You.

Parent of Gyan Sharma ( III A )
Excellent. New Methods of learning.

Parent of Anandi ( III A )
C2B Program was very nice, innovative, entertaining, useful for students.as well as parents.

Parent of Vidushi ( III B )
It's happy to be a part of such a wonderful moment. Getting reward and recognition is an important for the child's progress.

Parent of Bhavika Futane ( III A )
Great work done by all teachers and staff. Good and organized performance by children, Congrats to the efforts of all those involved.

Parent of Samarth ( III A )
The School Rocks !!! Awesome !!! Amazing !!! Crazy !!! I am very happy with my decision of sending my son to this school.

Parent of Ritesh ( III A )
Thanks to all teachers for putting in the efforts to help and support to our children.

Parent of Praataha Fadnis ( III B )
C2B was an Excellent session. I saw a lot of confidence in my child. His vocabulary and attitude. Thanks a ton to his teachers. Thanks.

Parent of Ananya ( III E )
In a single word  "Awesome".

C2B Programme Class V and IV

Shreyanshu (V B)

The function was really good and heart touching. Thanks


Sahil Musale (V A)

Vow! It’s really great creation by Lexicon. Yes, Lexicon is really making a good citizens and good future for India.


Shravani G (V B)

The best performance by students inculcating dance & presentation. It was excellent and informative.


Vatsal Yadav (V B)

Based on last feedbacks good to see that every student got a chance to speak. Well done!

C2B was very nicely organized. I am happy. Thank you


Tanishka Manwar (V B)

Excellent C2B and PTM conducted. Best wishes for academic 2017-18


Shreya Saggam (V B)

It was a very nice show. It was very encouraging and motivating and increasing self confidence.


Shreya & Shreshtha (V A)

Excellent work, excellent programme. Thank you to all.


Shachi Shetty (V B)

C2B was good. We enjoyed it very much. Good job by children, teachers & staff. Keep it up.


Avneet (V B)

C2B was very nicely organized. I am happy. Thank you


Aditya Jha (V A)

Very, very good. I can give 100%. OK


Krishanth & Shreyansh (IV A)

C2B was a great show. We all enjoyed it. We are happy that our children are progressing so well.


Ishika Ladkat (IV A)

Thanks to ma’am of Ishika. Because of you my child spoke nicely in C2B.


Shraddha Honmane (IV A)

We are very happy my child is learning in this school and teacher’s also very caring and loving. We like C2B programme very much.


Shadval Adsul (IV C)

It was a really nice programme. Lots of hard work had taken by students and children. Keep it up. My all best wishes are there with the school.


Gayatree Shinde (IV C)

I thoroughly enjoyed the C2B program. I appreciate the efforts put in by children and teachers for making this event successful. Thank You!


Faizan Ahmed (IV C)

Excellent, Fantastic, Perfect planning and execution by class teacher.


Nishant Yadav (IV A)

I see Nishant

Thanks to the school teacher & staff for great efforts in shaping


Mrs. Sujata Subramaniam - Ria S. Iyer (IV B)

Great efforts done by the students and teachers. Well done!


Nehal Gapat (IV C)

Wonderful performance by all students. I like fabric song & show. Keep it up. Specially thanks for class teacher.


Swarangi Kunjir (IV B)

In C2B programme all the students done very well. The teachers and supervisor do lots of hard work seen in the C2B. I am very happy.


Parents Orientation Programme - Parents Feedback

Mrs. Renuka Dhanorkar

Every Individual has different grasping power and aspect of mine, I really liked multiple intelligence and jolly phonics concept to bring our child in a bright future.


Mrs.Priya Gaikwad LKG C

Orientation program was really good, Concept of teaching us great, It's really an honer to get admission for Pranil in Lexicon Family.


Mr. Narendra.

The Orientation programe is a fantastic method of explaining the things that to come ahead while learning in whole academic year.


Pre Primary parent's

Well organised,rehearsed and planned. Nice way of introducing school. Good presentation. Introducing all teaches upfront was a good idea.


Pre Primary parent's

Qiute excited about the Lexicon Team, method of teaching and future of my son.


Pre Primary parent's

The presentation was good and really happy to get my child admitted here.


Pre Primary parent's

Orientation was very interactive, engaging. Methodologies of teaching were excellent new for us but exciting.


Parent of  Ajinkya Pathak (Class I)

It was a good presentation and look forward to Quality education of my child with Lexicon. Thank you.


Parent of Gyan Sharma ( Class I)

It was good. Being a Teacher,I found it very informative and innovative.


Parent of  Laasya Venuvanka (Class III)      

I am confident that my child is in the right place.


Parent of Tanvi Mahindrakar(Class I)

Fun Learn Write Speak All together at one place.


Parent of Shloak Jagdale (Class III)      

Dear lexicon, Now we are confident about the overall growth of our child. Thanks!


Primary Parent

It was a great experience. Really Nice. We look forward for our child's future in your school.


Primary Parent 

First of all thank you for arranging this parent orientation program. It is useful for us to understand about your school teaching methods. and clear all our minor doubts.


Primary Parent

Its really a motivating programme, and I feel happy to join the Lexicon FAmily. Thanks.


Primary Parent

Every thing was so professional. I think our child's future is in Good hands. Thank you.


Secondary parent

A good interactive session. Now we have the confidence of having our children admitted to a place where they can grow as efficient and smart citizens.