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"Talents win games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
                                                                                                 - Michael Jordan-

An individual’s growth is bolstered when he becomes an effective team player. Employers all over the globe hunt for personnel who can efficiently work in a team and contribute to it in an effective manner. So also is the case in a school environment. A teacher’s contribution is increased manifold when she collaborates with her fellow teachers and comes up with interesting solutions. Hence, the Management team of The Lexicon Group of Schools decided that all the teachers should meet for this team building session at the beginning of the academic year, to facilitate bonding among the respective teams of all the branches. This workshop was conducted at The Lexicon International School, Kalyani Nagar on 28th June 2014 for the Principals, Co-ordinators and Teaching Staff of all our three high schools.

The workshop began with a beautiful and inspiring presentation on ‘Dreams’ and how different personalities have overcome their problems and obstacles to finally be successful. Teachers were encouraged to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.

The Director, Additional Director and Principals of all the three Lexicon Schools conducted various sessions using inspirational videos, relevant examples and references to actual classroom situations. The sessions were interactive ones wherein teachers had to put up role-plays using Multiple Intelligences, build towers using limited resources, make use of Graphic Organisers, etc. The teachers were encouraged to ‘March Towards Excellence’ and explained that as teachers it is their duty to lead students on the path of excellence only then will they actually be able to make a difference in their lives. To sum it all up, it was indeed a fruitful day with plenty of lessons to learn and experiences to take home. Another perk was that all the teachers of the Lexicon Schools got a chance to bond together as one big family!


"To teach is one thing. To know how to teach, another"

As all our Primary School parents are aware, the school has been using the Tulips Series of books for English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and General Knowledge. On 15th July 2014, the Primary School teachers of all the branches of The Lexicon Schools attended a workshop on Tulip's at our Wagholi branch. Ms. Shilpi Bhattacharya, Senior Product Manager represented the Oxford University Press and conducted the workshop. The teachers had a very effective and fruitful session as the resource person, Ms. Bhattacharya, focused on 'Effective Teaching'. She explained how effective teaching should compile interaction and participation and be child centric too, and why it is important for teachers to develop in their students the higher order thinking skills (HOTS). She emphasized that puzzles, quizzes and projects should always be topic oriented. Ms. Bhattacharya also laid great stress on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner that coincidently, is already an integral part of the teaching process at our school. The teachers were also told how the course attempts to meet the diverse needs of learners at the primary level through its simple and child friendly layout.

ENGLISH -The English section is designed in a way that ensures that the learners are able to effectively master their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

MATHEMATICS - The Mathematics section is carefully graded and develops the concepts through solved examples followed by adequate exercises and student activities.

The key feature of this section is to encourage the learner to think and develop an intellectual process of enquiry and a scientific temper.

The Social Studies section introduces learners to the rudiments of History, Geography and Civics.

This section helps the students to be aware, well informed, and stay abreast of the current issues of the world.

To conclude the session Ms. Bhattacharya informed the teachers on how they could supplement their teaching by using different online resources available to the teachers as these resources prove to be a diverse learning experience for the students.

Similar to the workshop for the Primary Teachers Ms. Bhattacharya also trained the Secondary School English Teachers and explained to them the benefits of using the Pathways Series for Classes VI – VIII. This series emphasizes on the communicative approach that fulfils the linguistic needs of a learner.


The Lexicon International School, Wagholi was selected as the venue by the CBSE for their ATP 200 training where Educationists, Directors, Principals, Vice-Principals, Co-ordinators and Teachers from all over Pune attended the three day comprehensive training. It was our proud privilege to be chosen from among numerous other schools to host this workshop conducted by The Centre for Assessment Evaluation and Research (CAER), a Public Private Partnership between the CBSE and Pearson Foundation.
Module 1 - Constructing Quality Tests to Assess The Scholastic Skills of The Curriculum was completed through various sessions ranging from interactive sessions to Presentations by our very experienced and knowledgeable trainers Mrs. Ruvneet Bains, Asst. Director of CAER and Mrs. Pallavi Dhody Dewedi, Senior Manager of CAER. We were also privileged to have among us the Director of CAER Mrs. Sarita Manuja who addressed all the participants. We had a Skype conversation with Professor Jim from Australia from the Pearson Group who was able to answer various queries of the participants.

And a feather in our cap was the visit by The Chairman of The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Mr. Vineet Joshi and Director of Academics, Research Training and Innovations, Dr. Sadhana Parashar.