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C2B Class V

Shreyanshu (V B)

The function was really good and heart touching. Thanks


Sahil Musale (V A)

Vow! It’s really great creation by Lexicon. Yes, Lexicon is really making a good citizens and good future for India.


Shravani G (V B)

The best performance by students inculcating dance & presentation. It was excellent and informative.


Vatsal Yadav (V B)

Based on last feedbacks good to see that every student got a chance to speak. Well done!

C2B was very nicely organized. I am happy. Thank you


Tanishka Manwar (V B)

Excellent C2B and PTM conducted. Best wishes for academic 2017-18


Shreya Saggam (V B)

It was a very nice show. It was very encouraging and motivating and increasing self confidence.


Shreya & Shreshtha (V A)

Excellent work, excellent programme. Thank you to all.


Shachi Shetty (V B)

C2B was good. We enjoyed it very much. Good job by children, teachers & staff. Keep it up.


Avneet (V B)

C2B was very nicely organized. I am happy. Thank you


Aditya Jha (V A)

Very, very good. I can give 100%. OK


C2B Class IV

Krishanth & Shreyansh (IV A)

C2B was a great show. We all enjoyed it. We are happy that our children are progressing so well.


Ishika Ladkat (IV A)

Thanks to ma’am of Ishika. Because of you my child spoke nicely in C2B.


Shraddha Honmane (IV A)

We are very happy my child is learning in this school and teacher’s also very caring and loving. We like C2B programme very much.


Shadval Adsul (IV C)

It was a really nice programme. Lots of hard work had taken by students and children. Keep it up. My all best wishes are there with the school.


Gayatree Shinde (IV C)

I thoroughly enjoyed the C2B program. I appreciate the efforts put in by children and teachers for making this event successful. Thank You!


Faizan Ahmed (IV C)

Excellent, Fantastic, Perfect planning and execution by class teacher.


Nishant Yadav (IV A)

I see Nishant

Thanks to the school teacher & staff for great efforts in shaping


Mrs. Sujata Subramaniam - Ria S. Iyer (IV B)

Great efforts done by the students and teachers. Well done!


Nehal Gapat (IV C)

Wonderful performance by all students. I like fabric song & show. Keep it up. Specially thanks for class teacher.


Swarangi Kunjir (IV B)

In C2B programme all the students done very well. The teachers and supervisor do lots of hard work seen in the C2B. I am very happy.

C2B Class III

Parent of Atharva Gadre ( IIIA )

The C2B is a good activity to boost the children’s confidence.

Parent of Ritesh Waghmare(III A)

The C2B was awesome, can see his confidence increasing.

Parent of Sanvi Jadhav(III A)

It was wonderful and great to see this event. All the Best.

Parent of Vedika Daphal(III A)

Very nice!!! Mangement of this event is too good.

Parent of Viraj Deshmukh(III A)

The C2B function was good. It was a good activity to build confidence.

Parent of Shreela Kulkarni(III A)

Very good and energetic programme by the students.

Parent of Ayush Tiwari(III B)

The C2B programme was excellent. Proud that at this age children learn to be confident.

Parent of Yagnyahshriya.K((III B)

We always enjoy watching our kid’s  performance.Thank you to the whole team.

Parent of Vedant Naik(III B)

The C2B was fantastic.A very good step to encourage children to perform on stage.

Parent of Sarvesh Adagale(III C)

The C2B was a very nice programme . Well organised  and got a lot of information about various body parts.Please do continue the good work.Cheers!!!

Parent of Rudra Ghadge(III C)

The C2B was a great effort taken by all teachers and coordinator. Hats off!!!

Parent of Pranshu Tripathi(III C)

The C2B was a very fantastic programme. Through this programme students learn so many things.

Parent of Girija Kadam(III D)

The C2B was a wonderful experience for both parents and children.

Parent of Prathamesh Kudale(III D)

The C2B was an awesome programme, short and sweet. It is appreciable that every child got an opportunity to show their talent specially the children who are shy.

Parent of Amay Bora. (III D)

The C2B was very well organised. Really enjoyed. Thanks.

Parent of Siri Gudi(III D)

In the C2B all the children performed very nicely. I really enjoyed. Teachers effort is most important and the teachers are doing a good job.

Parent of Shivam Lavate(III D)

The C2B was an excellent programme which increases child’s stage confidence.

Parent of Anushree Khuspe(III D)

The C2B was very well organised and good information was given.

Parent of Ojasvi Thakur(III D)

The C2B was a WOW Event.

Parent of Varad Suryavanshi(III D)

The C2B was a nice programme. I, as the parent of Varad thank all the staff of The Lexicon School, Hadapsar for arranging such a good programme. Students were very confident on stage.

Parent of Devaansh Syed(III D)

The C2B is a new way to teach children to act and learn. Enjoyed the C2B and appreciate the efforts.

Parent of Satvik Sastry(III D)

We feel proud to have our child in The Lexicon School, Hadapsar as he got a chance to perform during the C2B presentation.

Parent of Atharva Bhawar(III E)

The C2B was a great effort by the teachers. It was a wonderful show. Thank you.

Parent of Manaswini Chavan(III E)

The C2B is the best practice every year. It shows innovation. It improves children’s skills. Keep it up!

Parent of Arnav Neogi(III E)

The C2B was a great initiative. Very well done staff!

Parent of Raghav Brijpuria(III F)

The C2B was really nice to see. The hardwork of children, teachers and all the staff made it possible.

Parent of Nived Sajin(III F)

The C2B is an excellent effort by the teachers and students!!!

Parent of Ashita Prajapati(III F)

The C2B was very well organised. Keep it up!

Parent of Ved Gawade(III F)

The C2B was a very good programme. Excellent execution. Thank you!

C2B Class II

Parent of Zohan Sayyad (II A)
The C2B was a wonderful performance by the children.

Parent of Prajwal Bendalam (II A)
The C2B was a nice presentation. I am very happy with my child’s overall progress.

Parent of Shreyash Ujwale (II A)
The C2B was very nice and informative. It is a real caterpillar to butterfly transformation.

Parent of Ananya Jaiwal (II A)
The C2B was an excellent programme, great effort by the parents and children.

Parent of Ajinkya Pathak (II A)
The C2B is a nice platform to develop the child’s skills and performance ……Keep it up!

Parent of Sahil Maner(II A)
The C2B was a memorable, enjoyable and encouraging event for the children.

Parent of Ananya Tak(II B)
The C2B was a good performance and the hard work of the children and the staff was seen.

Parent of Yaashi Yadav (II B)
The C2B was a Fabulous Work!!!

Parent of Soham Jagtap (II B)
The C2B is a great platform for all the children to    overcome the stage fear.

Parent of Maseera Hussain (II B)
The C2B performance was excellent.

Parent of Anusha Kamble (II B)
The C2B was outstanding. Keep it up! Lexicon teachers are very cooperative and understanding.

Parent of Rudra Upadhyay (II B)
The C2B was excellent.

Parent of Rajnandini Karande (II B)
The C2B was very well planned, managed and executed. It was helpful for the students to gain confidence.

Parent of Sarvadny Patil (II C)
The C2B was a wonderful performance, we all enjoyed it.

Parent of Swara Kulkarni (II C)
The C2B was an excellent work done by the teachers and students. Best of Luck for the future

Parent of Swaroop Parab(II C)
The C2B was very well organised, GOOD JOB!!!

Parent of Sarthak Urkude(II C)
The C2B has always been my favourite programme. Wonderful job done by the children and teachers

Parent of Advay Shelar(II C)
The C2B was a very nice and well organised programme. The students were trained well.

Parent of Yash Waskar(II C)
The C2B was a very nice programme, hard work of the teachers and children is very important.

Parent of Vedant Patil (II C)
The C2B was a nice programme and will help the child to be confident.

Parent of Shaurya Girme(II C)
Thank you Lexicon for your dedication and hardwork in making the C2B program successful.

Parent of Devank Deshmukh(II D)
Your efforts and encouragement are awesome. The C2B was really nice.

Parent of Divyanshu Mohapatra (II D)
Hats off! A very nice  C2B presentation.

Parent of Saksham Thorat (II D)
Very well organised C2B programme, Thanks a lot!!!

Parent of Anagha Jadhav(II D)
The C2B was an awesome performance, efforts taken by the teachers is appreciable.

Parent of Aryan Karmalkar (II D)
The C2B was a wonderful performance and great work done.

Parent of Shaurya Ghadge(II E)
The C2B was a great effort by teachers and students.Excellent!!!

Parent of Aditya Kumar (II E)
The C2B was wonderful, Keep it up!!

Parent of Chetan Bhalerao (II E)
The C2B was an excellent programme, great work!

Parent of Aarya Khedkar (II E)
The C2B was a great effort taken to encourage students.

Parent of Atharv Naik (II E)
The C2B programme was really nice.It helps to build up student’s confidence.

Parent of Mahendra Ghodke(II F)
The C2B was amazing. The way it was presented was awesome, enjoyed a lot.Keep it up!

Parent of Shravan Palav (II F)
The C2B programme was wonderfully arranged. It was awesome!

Parent of Shaurya Misal (II F)
The C2B was well organised. Good work done by the teachers and students.

C2B Class UKG

Aditya Raj Pongat   
All parents enjoyed alot, well done

Swara Shitole   
It was a great show, enjoyed a lot. It’s great to see children enjoy and perform. Thank You

Samaira Inamdar   
Concept was really good and all of us enjoyed a lot.

Shriyan Kadam   
The c2bb presentation was very good. I have enjoyed a lot

I always like one thing about the school, Lexicon always motivates shy children to participate in all activities.

Rumani Gaud   
Programme was very good. All children performed well. Good execution three cheers for the teachers.

Vaishnavi Raskar   
C2B program was very good. Enjoyed it. Good message sent out to the parents and grandparents. Good job.

Arnav Ekke   
Overall a very nice programme. Very useful information on Safety Rules learnt by kids.

Tibyaan Shaikh   
Awesome program congratulations for organising it well.

Omkar Gurav   
C2B was very good. All efforts are appreciable. Great Job!!!

Dhara Chauhan   
The programme was really good and our child also performed well.

Pranav Dombe   
The program was nicely planned and arranged. It’s good that each and every child is made to participate in the event.


Shreya Rana   
It’s a fantasting learning my child while studing and participating in various activity. She is very happy at school.

Sriansh Dhanorkar   
Feedback for C2B was good and stranger danger concept was good. Efforts visible in the show quite fabulous.


Spruh Bankar   
Good initia help kids grow with attitude and leadership skills.

Arya Venugopal   
Good, Nice to watch Congratulation to all the teachers.

Pravin Khaire    
Excellent arrangement done. Good to see the little ones performance. Keep it up.

Aarcha Padmakumar    
Really appreciate the teachers for lot of efforts, taken to make the child perform in such a wonderful way. Thank You.

Pranil Gaikwad   
Program was really good and well organized.

Harshvarsdhan Kolekar   
I am happy with the way my son is improving, teachers are very good. Thank You.

Abhishek  Vshirsagar   
It was a very encouraging programme children and parents enjoyed lot.

Soham Shradhya   
The program was awesome. It will defiantly help to improve childrens. Stage confidence. Big thumbs up for  Lexicon.

Tanishq Ghagare   
Today’s C2B programme was fabulous and gave good message.

Advait Navale   
The programme was too good! Good efforts taken by teachers! Enjoying  Neeta Maam’s anchoring.

Janhavi Khot   
C2B was very good. Janhavi was very confident. Thank you teachers for all your hard work.

Lithika Anand   
Excellent and well organized.

C2B Class I


Avani Naik   
Very well arranged program.

Ganesh Jadhav    
C2B is a good programme. Great efforts by the teachers and school team.

Ashlehs Phadtare   
School has conducted a good C2B and awareness program as well. Thanks.

Shournikaa Biswal   
Show was awesome and fantastic. Keep it up. Well done.

Aditri Pandey   
Program was excellent as usual always. We enjoyed and even learned from our Lexiconites.


Anish Panse   
Outstanding and well organised C2B.
Well done, well planned and nice message. Out of the box.

Tanmay Zogade   
It was nicely organise. Students were well prepared.

Rhyth Khadke
The programme was really outstanding and amazing. Keep it up.


Aarya Nirgudkar   
Excellent activity conducted by the school which helps children grow and increases their confidence.

Bhavish Salians   
Programme was excellent. Kids performed very well.

Mayuresh Jadhav   
Whole programme conducted systematically. Thanks teachers for boosting and grooming the students.