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Teach-Next Board

To improve the process of teaching and learning we have included the Teach-Next Boards in our school.

School Transport

We have an excellent transport facility including fire extinguishers, medical safety kit and each bus has a lady attendant throughout the way. The main aim of the transport faility is to provide safe,comfortable, efficient service to our children under the great supervision of our transport committee.

Science Lab

We have well equip and including all facilities.

Maths Lab

The Maths Lab provides an opportunity for the students to explore the world of mathematics by discovering and learning Maths in a different way.

Music Room

The school provides equitable access to music and all the benefits that can be gained through its learning by promoting traditional music education, our main aim is to foster and appreciation for music, built self-esteem and engender creativity and innovation.


Computer Lab Facility available for students to explore their knowledge with the help of advanced technology.


School Library is the central to learn and play a key role as a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity and problem solving.